The BM3 Instrumentation Facility is now closed

Trillion ARAMIS Trilion ARAMIS-3D is a powerful optical system for measurement of complex materials and structures for their 3D deformation and strain during loading. This tool is a highly robust, full-field, non-contact strain measuring tool. The system offers a non-contact measurement of 3D deformation and strain using 3D image correlation methods (digital image correlation, DIC) using high-resolution digital CCD cameras.

The object under load is viewed by one (2D) or two (3D) high-resolution digital CCD cameras. The deformation of this structure under different load conditions is recorded by the CCD cameras and evaluated using digital image processing. The results are the 3D-coordinates, 3D displacements, the surface strain and the complete strain tensor.

Common uses include:
  • Materials characterization of metallics, composites, ceramics
  • Examining non-linear deformation behavior
  • Characterizing creep and aging processes
  • High-speed deformation and strain measurements