The cell culture facilities are provided courtesy of the Trauma Mechanics laboratory. The access to these facilities is granted upon approval of the senior lab personel.

For the details please contact: Dr. Fang Wang, or Dr. Maciej Skotak.

The cell culture facilities available:
  • class II type A2 biological safety cabinet, Thermo Scientific series 1300
  • Heracell 150i CO2 incubator
  • temperature controlled ultracentrifuge Sorvall ST16R
  • dedicated refrigerator
  • water and ultrasonic baths
  • orbital shaker
  • vortexer
Also available in our laboratory is a fully motorized inverted microscope Nikon Eclipse Ti-E with digital image capturing capabilities, surrently equipped with 12-bit monochromatic digital camera and three em/ex fileters:
  • Lucifer Yellow
  • FITC
  • Texas Red