Flexcell® FX-5000™ Tension System
Flexcell FX-5000

Flexcell FX-5000

A computer-regulated bioreactor that uses vacuum pressure to apply cyclic or static strain to cells cultured on flexible-bottomed culture plates. With this system equibiaxial or uniaxial tension can be applied to cells in 2D and 3D culture.

Main features of the system:
  • Computer-regulated bioreactor that applies cyclic or static tensile strains to cells cultured in vitro.
  • Uses regulated vacuum pressure to deform flexible-bottomed culture plates producing up to 25% substrate elongation.
  • Simulate in vivo tissue strains and frequencies in cells from muscle, lung, heart, blood vessels, skin, tendon, ligament, cartilage and bone.
  • Contains state-of-the-art digital valve to automatically regulate and maintain pressure for a specified strain regimen.
  • Works with BioFlex, Tissue Train, and UniFlex series culture plates.
  • Multiple frequency, amplitude and waveform changes can be programmed in one regimen.
  • Uses cylindrical or Arctangle Loading Posts to provide equibiaxial or uniaxial strain, respectively.
  • Apply gradient biaxial strain (unconstrained distention) by removing Loading Stations.
  • Drives up to four independent FlexLink remote compression and/or tension controllers.
  • Better control of waveforms at low and high amplitudes.