Laser Scanning Cytometer


The BM3 Instrumentation Facility is now closed

CompuCyte LSC 1196

Laser Scanning Cytometer in the BM3 lab.

The CompuCyte's proprietary core technology, Laser Scanning Cytometry (LSC), uses laser-based opto-electronics and automated analysis capabilities to simultaneously and rapidly measure biochemical constituents and evaluate cell morphologies. LSC technology provides a measure of precision and visualization, combined with flexibility that is available in no other cellular analysis system.

Although LSC technology has a flow cytometry heritage, it is not limited to analyzing cells in fluids. Instead, the technology allows automated analysis of solid-phase samples, including adherent cultured cells, tissue sections, cancer tissue imprints, and cytology smears, preserving the sample along with the exact position of each measured sample. This important feature allows the researcher to automatically return to, visually inspect and interrogate specific cells having defined genetic, biochemical, or morphological properties; or to remeasure specimens after retreating them with reagents or drugs.


Laser Scanning Cytometry allows users to:
  • Generate stoichiometric data and analyze heterogeneous cell populations.
  • Visualize specimens conventionally with either powerful laser-scanning imaging techniques or with a microscope.
  • View any number of individual events in the population data.
  • Reanalyze the same cells under varying conditions.
  • Measure and localize cellular constituents.
  • Detect molecular constituents in the surrounding environment and correlate their presence to cell processes.
  • Simultaneously study cultured cells at the individual- and colony-level.
  • Perform automated analysis on tissue sections and tissue microarrays.